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15/11/2006 · Yahoo Products; Emizzle. Emizzle asked in Pregnancy & Parenting Baby Names · 1 decade ago. I need some cool girl baby names I need something unusual yet still recognizable? I need something unusual yet still recognizable. I've already thought of a guy name,Jason, But I need a girl one. Answer Save. 15/04/2019 · When it comes to cool names that make you stop to say, "Wow, I love that name," there are so many options for baby girls. From some names that are definitely a bit trendier to more unique name choices, these are our favorite cool names for girls. 27/12/2014 · I'm writing a story. I need some modern English names for a girl. Her personality: Secretly insecure but strong to others. Funny, silly.

03/02/2009 · Yahoo Products; Mumma Of a Beautiful Bubba. Mumma Of a Beautiful Bubba asked in Pregnancy & Parenting Baby Names · 1 decade ago. Whats some cool girl names? having a baby and predicting its a girl. anyone have any unique but gawjuss names? Thanks: Answer Save. 9. 26/01/2009 · Ehh, i could stick faraway from the "shawty". The be conscious's too used these days, and you like a attractiveness that gadgets you different than for different lady rappers in case you intend to persue a rap occupation. 29/12/2012 · Yahoo Products; Katherine. Katherine asked in Pregnancy & Parenting Baby Names · 7 years ago. List of unique girl names? Can someone please give me a list of unique but pretty girl names? Thanks, it would really help: Answer Save. 20 Answers. Relevance. Lulu. 7. 19/05/2013 · I'm looking for a beautiful girl name which isn't too popular and common but isn't too weird if you see what I mean? So far I have came up with: Isla and Maisie What Do you think of them? please suggest any unusual pretty names! Also; How do you pronounced Emmeline and what do.

29/04/2010 · I don't have enough girl names I like, I need some more: Any cute and pretty names, like Lily-Ann and Ruby etc.: Would be much appreciated. 11/01/2016 · The 100 best movies, restaurants, novels, jobs, apps – the world is full of lists cataloging the premiere picks of all kinds of things. So why not, we thought, baby names? The question we asked ourselves: If an expectant parent today were limited to only 100 choices from which to name their child. 31/08/2015 · There are benefits to giving your child a unique name. Photo: Stocksy In an era where unusual has become the norm for baby names in Hollywood, no one batted an eye when Mad Men actress Jessica Paré and her rocker boyfriend, John Kasnter, recently announced they’d named their newborn son Blues Anthony.

15/12/2019 · by Pamela Redmond Unique girl names come in many varieties, from ancient to modern, traditional to invented. The best 2019 unique names for girls are those unusual and rare choices that have deep roots, are attractive, and can fit into contemporary life. By rare, unusual and unique girl names, we mean those used for 25 or fewer. Names from foreign languages are also gaining popularity. Today, parents can choose from a variety names for their baby girls. Names that are unique, original and which can be associated with some positive trait/quality are the most preferred. Here is a list of some cool girl names you would want refer to. News, email and search are just the beginning. Discover more every day. Find your yodel. 09/02/2013 · Yahoo Products; Anonymous. Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & Parenting Baby Names · 7 years ago. What are unique baby boy names? Just wondering My boyfriend and I got Rosemary for a baby girl. Help ? Answer Save. 11 Answers. Relevance. Liliana. Lv 5. 7 years ago. Best answer. Henry. Matthew. Sebastian.

11/05/2009 · Yahoo Products; Anonymous. Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & Parenting Baby Names · 1 decade ago. What are cool girl names? Answer Save. 17 Answers. Relevance. ad_13_28. 1 decade ago. Best Answer. my daughters name is LilyAnn Desiree, but i like Ivy Rose, and Isabella Jade too. 0 1 0. Taay. 1 decade ago. 27/02/2010 · Nothing like Jessica or Elizabeth. Something a bit more interesting. I like these girl names Lily Peta Mali Nikita. 04/04/2010 · Yahoo Products; Anonymous. Anonymous asked in Society & Culture Languages · 10 years ago. What are good last names? I'm writing a book and I'm having trouble with the last names. My main characters are: Demi,Bella,Logan,Natalie,and Julia. Can you at.

When it comes to naming the new addition to your family, you want the name to be the most unique and having an interesting meaning. If you have decided to give your baby a Japanese name, then you will be happy to know that there are several trendy ones with unique meanings. Given here is a list of unique baby names in Japanese. Names are constantly moving up and down the popularity list. These days, the trend of using old-fashioned names is running strong. Parents are using "old lady" names more and more—not out of obligation but because many formerly out-of-date names, like Emma, are coming back around and sounding fresh and pretty to today's young parents. 05/01/2012 · Yahoo Products; LoveDrunk. LoveDrunk asked in Pregnancy & Parenting Baby Names · 8 years ago. What are some cool girls names? What are some cool girls names, nothing to girly. Answer Save. 20 Answers. Relevance. Hope. Lv 6. 8 years ago. Best answer. Madeline. Chloe. Charlotte.. The ultimate A-Z list of Cool girl names, complete with name meanings and origins for all Cool baby girl names. Check it out!

04/03/2010 · Your greatest choice if you want to understand landscaping is this the landscaping guidebook from Ideas 4 Landscaping. This guide is a total landscaping resource with in depth diagrams, comprehensive with shade photos and. 14/02/2014 · I need names for this family in my book, there are four girls. I need four girls names and a moms name and some middle names or double barrel names. Things like. 16/04/2009 · What are some Russian Girl names? I already have Anastasia and Svetlana. Russian boy names I have are Aleksi, Mischa, Mikhail, and Maximiano. If you know any more boy names, feel free to.

10/12/2019 · Irish Girl Names. By Pamela Redmond Irish names for girls are on very different popularity tracks in the US and in Ireland itself. The top Irish girl name in the US is the surname-name Riley, a departure from the days when Kathleen and Bridget reigned as the most popular. 20/09/2019 · Cool baby names come in many varieties and we've got lists for every kind of cool name. After all, we wrote the book, literally!, called Cool Names for Babies. In this category of cool baby names, you'll find badass baby names for boys and geezer names for girls, hipster baby names. 26/10/2008 · What are some classic, feminine girl names with beautiful meanings? It's for a book I'm writing that takes place in the 1800s. One of the characters is named Georgiana, but I've recently found out that it means 'farmer' and I'd like her to have a name with a prettier meaning than that. So, suggestions are welcome!

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