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01/09/2019 · How to Ripen a Cantaloupe. For the best flavor, make sure that cantaloupes ripen on the vine. You can ripen this melon off the vine for a few extra days to further improve the color, texture, and juiciness of the fruit, though. Check the. 26/07/2019 · Nothing is worse than cutting into what you thought was going to be a sweet, juicy, ripe cantaloupe—only to find that it is inedible. It can be difficult to identify a good one at the grocery store, and since it won't ripen further once you get home, there's no way to fix a mistake.

How to Tell if a Cantaloupe Is Good. Taking an extra minute or two to select a ripe cantaloupe is well worthwhile. Always check for three things: A ripe melon gives off a sweet scent even through its rind. If there's no smell or just a faint one, the melon isn't ripe yet; if there's an astringent or sour smell, the cantaloupe is already spoiling. 08/08/2019 · Here's how to tell when your melons are just right: Cantaloupes and Muskmelons. In most cases, when cantaloupes and muskmelons are ripe, they detach themselves from the vine, leaving a dish-shaped scar on the fruit where the stem was attached. The fruit will also develop a sweet, musky aroma when ripe. This is a tricky question. If melons of all types are not allowed to ripen on the vine, they never will never reach their full sweet, juicy potential. Watermelons don’t ripen at all, but cantaloupes do change flavor and can benefit from sitting ou.

23/03/2011 · How to Pick Cantaloupe. Once your cantaloupe is ready to be harvested from the vine, it helps to know how to pick it. If it’s ripe enough, the melon should separate easily from the vine with a light touch. However, on occasion you may come across one that is stubborn. In this case, the melon should not be pulled but carefully cut from the vine. In order to choose a cantaloupe that is ripe, the first thing you should do is smell it. When a cantaloupe is ripe, it will give off a sweet smell that smells, well, like a cantaloupe. The outer rind will be golden/orange in color. If the cantaloupe is not quite ripe, the rind will be a green color. You should also gently squeeze the cantaloupe. How Do You Tell When a Cantaloupe is Ready to be Harvested? Luckily, melons will continue to ripen a bit after you pick them, so it isn't absolutely critical that they ripen completely on the vine. However, it's better to let them ripen on the vine as clo. Cantaloupe should feel heavier than it looks and smell musky and sweet. Also you should be able to press your thumb in slightly on the bottom and there shouldn't be a lip around the stem. If it smells over-sweet it's most likely over ripe. You can let a cantaloupe ripen on your counter top if you get one under-ripe.

23/09/2019 · How to Choose a Melon. When they're all stacked in a heap at the grocery store or farmer's market, choosing a delicious, ripe melon can seem like mission impossible. But no one wants to go home and slice into their fruit only to find that. The question is: how to know when cantaloupes are ripe? This is a very important question because cantaloupes do not get sweeter after harvest and especially, not after taking them home and cutting into them, so you want to pick out a cantaloupe that was harvested ripe.

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